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Business Reorganization And Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Legal Representation – Debtors, Creditors And Related Parties

We are the firm that owners, directors, officers, members, or other "insiders" turn to when their businesses are facing financial threats, or when such constituencies' themselves need individual advice on operations of the enterprise, including operations in the zone of insolvency or operations and fiduciary duties, or operations in light of available or threatened directors and officers liability insurance coverage. The Firm has handled extremely large and complex business restructuring cases. Attorneys Shelby A. Jordan and Antonio Ortiz have been directly involved in reorganization cases and litigation exceeding $12 billion in liabilities in multiple Chapter 11 bankruptcies. Our experience allows your business to keep its doors open, preserve business assets and ultimately preserve the available going concern value of the enterprise.

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Experience In Handling Complex Business Reorganization Matters – Both Debtor And Creditor

Our lawyers handle the needs of sophisticated business clients who need the best quality representation. Whatever size business you have, we can improve your circumstances in any business reorganization or business dispute matter, including the representation of debtors, creditors and creditors' committees, secured creditors, defense of governmental entity claims (including taxes and environmental claims) intellectual property licensors or licensees, or franchisee or franchisor claims. Additionally, our firm has represented all aspects of oil and gas bankruptcies, including operators, royalty interest owners, working interest owners, mineral lien perfection and § 546 filings, and related vendor and service companies, as well as complex lending transactions including defense of guaranty claims and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities defense.

Our attorneys take into account every aspect of the business affected due to a bankruptcy filing, including the firm's operations, real estate and proprietary, confidential, and intellectual property assets as well as every aspect of the liabilities, from bond debt, secured lenders, secured creditors, environmental claims of state and federal governmental entities, tax claims and tax liens. We explore with you all of your companies' options, including decisions on whether to keep the business operating long term or simply pending a sale or a merger and acquisition. We understand that hundreds of factors are involved in every restructuring transaction, and we frequently coordinate with multiple specialists' law firms' CPAs and investment bankers to accomplish this goal. Our great attention to detail minimizes expenses, and prevents needless duplications or mistakes from occurring during the reorganization process.

Landlord and Tenant transactions frequently require specialized representation, including every aspect of bankruptcy and insolvency problems of both tenants and landlords, as well as complex financing transactions involving commercial projects and landlords financing through Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (“CMBS”) loans and guaranties.

The attorneys at our firm have nearly 100 years of combined experience handling complex business bankruptcies and reorganizations in Texas. We are skilled litigators who regularly handle these types of cases, and we work diligently inside and outside of the courtroom and inside and outside a bankruptcy reorganization case to protect your interests. Our goal is to help your business resolve financial issues and get back on track to a successful financial future.

Experience In Handling Complex Business Reorganization Matters – Both Debtor And Creditor

There is an array of constantly changing federal and state laws and regulations requiring compliance when the need for business reorganizations arises. These statutes and rules govern dealings with tax, finances, environment, shareholder approval, antitrust issues and a variety of SEC regulations, pending and proposed litigation, avoidance actions, and the vast number of bankruptcy code and rules when preparing, negotiating, and filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan or reorganization must include all of these considerations.

The decision to file a bankruptcy case is a difficult and complex decision, and effective counsel and coordination of counsel with the business is absolutely necessary. Considerations of past and expected business conduct, including fraudulent transfers, preferences, insider preferences, clawback and related avoidance statutes and rules must be considered.

We assist you in every aspect of your "work out plan" for your Chapter 11 plan of reorganization, which meets all requirements. Our firm works with creditors, governmental entities, and all other stake-holding parties to make certain the restructuring proposals will work and will meet regulatory, creditor, and court approval. Our attorneys advise you regarding all aspects of your rights and obligations when going through the Chapter 11 process. We weigh and advise of the risks and benefits, providing you needed guidance before you make any important decisions.

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