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Business Reorganization And Chapter 11/Oil And Gas Industry

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Often because of the sheer size of oil and gas companies, business reorganization of such firms is extremely complex. Both assets and liabilities for these companies generally exceed hundreds of millions of dollars and often arise from filings in Delaware and other frequently large-case venues including the Southern District of New York. Dealing with your interests in these large cases involves knowing the local rules, the processes, and dealing with local client contacts, all of which our firm maintains on a regular basis.

As attorneys providing business law services throughout Texas, we understand how the oil industry operates, including oil and gas operators, service companies and vendors. Due to our experience in handling corporate restructuring and large bankruptcy matters, we are ideally suited to help financially strapped oil and gas companies in each category. Our attorneys have successfully helped oil and gas industries reorganize across the Eagle Ford, Gulf Coast, and central Texas on a number of occasions and to better service the oil and gas sector, our firm maintains offices in Corpus Christi and Austin, Texas, areas that are venues for many of the Eagle Ford operations and locations.

Legal Representation For A Volatile Industry

Recently, oil prices worldwide dramatically declined and this has resulted in financial losses for a large number of oil companies. This gives rise to the need for advice for the operating company, or its royalty owners, or vendors, including advice and counseling, preparation and filing of mineral liens and § 546 Notice of Mineral Lien filings, in pending bankruptcy cases. Oil prices rise and fall depending on a large number of circumstances. In an extremely competitive industry often dependent upon subsidiaries, oil supplies and foreign exporters, there is great fluctuation in profits and losses for oil and gas companies.

Jordan & Ortiz, P.C., has the experience, knowledge, skills and resources to deal with bankruptcies by even the largest of companies.  The Fiorm has filed over a thousand Chapter 11 bankruptcy petitions for businesses and individual clients. Our lawyers have experience in reorganizing billions of dollars in assets through these proceedings, and in litigation of related issues regarding royalty owners, operations, executory contract assumption and rejection; operations and working interest owners, and mineral lien filings and perfections.

The reorganization plan we have put together for oil and gas companies ensures that oil production continues, royalty interests are properly handled, governmental and environmental issues are resolved, and creditor claims are handled. Because of our attention to detail, we understand how to put together a reorganization plan acceptable to all of the impacted constituencies.

Our attorneys also work with companies to find solutions to financing issues. We negotiate with creditors to make overall debt more manageable. With a deep understanding of business law and business financing, and related operational and business matters, we understand all of your business needs and can help you resolve any issues you face.

How To Contact Our Business Reorganization Attorneys

Jordan & Ortiz, P.C., has offices in Austin and Corpus Christi. To speak to one of our attorneys regarding business reorganization options for your oil and gas company, contact our firm at 361-884-5678.

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