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Client Representation In Arbitration And Mediation

Because of a backup of cases in the courts, there's a much greater emphasis on having cases tried through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, including arbitration and mediation. However, there's a great difference between these types of cases and trying a case in court.

The decision to include in your transactional documents an arbitration clause is an important consideration to be review and understood in detail. Arbitration is often favored, but that decision is wholly dependent on the nature of your business and the nature of litigation that would likely arise in your business.

The law offices of Jordan & Ortiz, P.C., has successfully represented a large number of high-profile businesses in mediation and arbitration. We fully understand the goals of arbitrators and mediators in resolving these matters. However, whether in court, mediation or arbitration, our No. 1 priority is to provide you full protection of your business interests in the most cost-effective manner.

Arbitration And Mediation Defined

Both arbitration and mediation are tools to resolve disputes without going through litigation. However, arbitration and mediation are very different processes, and should not be confused.

  • Arbitration is a method for settling disputes between parties where third-party neutrals make a final decision resolving the matter. The parties specifically choose the arbitrators to make these determinations. The decision can be either binding or nonbinding.

  • Mediation differs from arbitration in that the mediator does not make the final decision on the matter. Instead, the mediator's role is to guide parties toward resolution of the matter. It's not adjudication. Instead, it's an attempt to get parties to settle without going to court.

Experienced Arbitration And Mediation Lawyers

While wide usage of arbitration and mediation to resolve cases is relatively recent, our attorney have appeared for parties in such settings well over 200 times in the past 35 years.

While arbitrations and mediations are alternative dispute resolution methods, our Firm arbitrates and mediates cases with the same level of effort and preparation as cases tried in court. Our Firm attorneys understand that ultimately not only the outcome of arbitration and mediation affects your bottom line, but also the cost to obtain the protection your company needs.

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