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Business And Consumer Debt Collection, Foreclosure And Litigation

Attorney Antonio Ortiz of Jordan & Ortiz, P.C., deals specifically with ongoing real estate construction, mortgage, and litigation issues for clients operating in real estate sales, mortgages, and developments. Because of his knowledge of this area of law, the most prestigious and high-profile businesses in Texas seek his services.

You can trust Antonio Ortiz to get this right. He pays attention to the details and provides creative solutions in dealing with the commercial property and other business reorganization concerns. As a lawyer with vast experience in arbitrating and mediating cases, he also understands how to negotiate the best possible deal. Having litigated cases for close to 30 years, he knows how to defend your interests in court when disputes arise.

Our firm provides the highest quality representation in helping you resolve overdue business and consumer debt matters related to real estate, judgment and judgment liens, mineral liens, and mechanic's and materialmen's liens. We understand how to put in place an efficient and effective collection process that complies with the laws, perfects lien rights if practical, enables enforcement of valid abstract of judgment liens, and continuing the enforceability of judgment liens.

Understanding The Collection Needs of Business

Our lawyers understand collection law and how to implement these provisions in favor of your business, whether the collection is in or out of a bankruptcy case. With decades of litigation experience, we know how to obtain judgments, abstracts, record and collect judgments.

Our attorneys know how to try and defend debt collection matters in alternative forums such as mediation or arbitration. We help companies put together a strategy to collect debts before any court ruling occurs.

Our representation continues so long as a debt remains unpaid.

Representation In Foreclosure Matters

We also represent lenders in Texas foreclosure matters. Our attorneys understand the delicate handling necessary when such matters take place and take every necessary step to prevent errors from occurring.

Looking Out For Your Bottom Line

Whatever kind of business you own or operate, the attorneys at Jordan & Ortiz, P.C., look out for your bottom line. It is our mission to work with you and inspire trust in our services.

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